How to Advocate for Yourself


Reason Why? At this time s, my Mother’s Mental Health were faculties were failing in 2002. Mom would call me different hours of the night and day. Mom did not recall my name at times.

Mom could not recall my children’s name or any of her children’s names. It was then when I wish I would have known how to Advocate for Mom Mental Health. You can get involved and make a real difference, not only in your own life, but in the lives of others.

By getting involved, you can do something that makes a tremendous difference in providing hope, help, and support to those living with bipolar disorder and depression. DBSA Advocacy Center ...Ask Questions. (Allegedly) WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.

Know your Legislative Analyst’s Office you live in!

Know your Congress Person in the District you live in!

Know your Mayor in the City/County you live in!

You become a self-advocate by taking the initiative to ask directly and specifically for what you need. When you ask, you are polite. You listen to the

other person’s response without interrupting. You are patient, knowing that change might take sometime. If you feel nothing is changing despite your best attempts, you ask for help from
Here are a few ideas to help you advocate for yourself. You may want to practice them with a friend or family member.


1.                   Take a deep breath. Deep breathing gives your body lots of oxygen, and oxygen helps you feel calmer and think more clearly.

In Addition, I corrected the County of San Diego, CA. I was charge with Welfare Fraud on this matter and the amount of Welfare Fraud that I was charged with the amount for $ 198.00. Wait for it! Would that not be a Misdemeanor?

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