When I inquired as what to do next the officer informed me that he would write me a report that would allow any other officers that might come to mother’s house that she was mentally ill, Than the officers ask me if there were any other weapon s in the house. In addition, I must say mom had many bullets and we found three machetes. In addition, we found knifes under her mattress. We found also another gun this gun was a 45. The other was a 22. The officer than ask me that he is not a Dr. and cannot proper diagnose mom. However, looking at mom you know something was wrong!

I was asked if I wanted to press charges on my mother. To which I replied hell to the No! The officer asked me that you are bleeding from several bites inflicted by mom dog as I was attempting to handle the situation. The officer told me that I needed to see the doctor and perhaps get a tetanus shot.

Nevertheless, other than that they could do little for me in this regard. The officer told me that I need to call Children and Family services in Daytona Beach  everything is a process and it can take some time court process.

I did contact Children and Family services and this took a week to have a social worker came out to the house to tell me that mom has a little Dementia I than question her codes work ethics. The social worker was named Mrs.Know it all she told me mom ok and nothing wrong with her, all I need to do to calm down. In addition, take one day at a time. In addition, I ask one simple question ARE YOU A BONk DR. who give you the right to say calm down Bonk PLEASE, I know Mrs.Know it all would never forget me. I was very upset with her diagnose being a DR. . I said please LEAVE NOW. Then she left.(allegedly)

Therefore, by this time I was in shock. I called my sister and told her everything. In addition, she said she would contact other sibling to have a family meeting.

Than the light bulb went off. I looked for mom's Dr. and found his number. One thing I can say mom was OCD when it came to her paper work. Mom had an old desk that opens from the top. That is where she would put all her paper works in this desk was deep and smells like cedar wood. I think it was built in 1960s. Therefore, I found her Dr. Number. I called mom's Dr. and set up an appointment with mom's dr. I had to pretend that I was mom. Let me tell you a little bit about moms. Mom was born in ST VINCENT so mom had a heavy accent, that was so sexy!

Therefore, I called the Dr. Up and put on my fake accent to set up an appointment for mom. That is when I found out what was going on. Now we are still in the 2002. By this time, I did enroll my son in school. In addition,I was taking care of mom and my son. In addition, this has been mom's Dr. for over 23 years. (Allegedly)

During the appointment, however my mom was asked several questions to which she could not provide adequate answer. Following this, the doctor requested an MRI scan to determine what is going on with her brain functions. The following week I took mom in to be scanned only to find out that the MRI scan there was no abnormal activity that could explain mom condition. The technician that took the MRI scan could not give me a professional response, as I fully understand as my mom was a nurse and I was a CNA, a fact that gave me a fair amount of insight into the medical field. I do understand how to read a MRI and X-ray and was dismayed when we went back to the doctor to find out that mom was diagnosed with full-blown ALZHEIMER’S 2002.(Allegedly)

This was too much for me to handle one time. I was devastating to discover. I understand that there is long-term care for Alzheimer’s at this time, and in that regard I began to understand just how serious this matter was. Driving home from the MRI tears was just flowing down my cheeks. How life is getting ready to change.(Allegedly)

Around this time, my sibling and his wife began their attempts to get their hands on mom funds. Mom was a middle class or most of her life and quite frugal. Mom was very intelligent when it came to her own finance and had amassed at least moderate amount of saving.Allegedly)

At the same time, this was happening mom called the police again while we were waiting for her medications to kick in. I was waiting on family member to arrive so that we can take the next step. HOWEVER, THERE NEVER CAME TO HELP! By this time mom house was a hot spot according to Deltona Police Department.(Allegedly)

I was dealing with all mom mood swings. In addition, mom's German shepherd that was mom defense protector. I was out numbered. I was asked to leave mom house according to Deltona Police Department. The paper work that I show the officer he did not want to hear anything I had to say. Therefore, I pack up my things. In addition, this officer did not leave at all. He stays there until I left.(Allegedly)

At this time, My SUV was stuck in the sand by mom's house. Therefore, I had to called my daughter grand pop that lived about two miles to help me out. In addition, this large cop did not help or leave. As I was leaving, I smell something burning so I ran in the house and went straight into the kitchen to fine out mom left a pot on the stove and it started a fire in the kitchen. THIS large COP DID NOT HELP OUT HE WAS MAKING SURE I LEAVE MOM'S HOUSE. By this time Deltona, fire department came to the house, looks at the damages area of the kitchen, and wrote a report for mom's insurance. ( Allegedly.)

Then I ask the large cop would you leave your parents’ home in this mess. Large cop said yes he would because parents have rights. I ask large cop what if there can’t make correct decision for them self what do you do? He did not have a comeback on that one. I tried to show him the paper work of the doctor but he was not hearing that at all.( Allegedly.)