Therefore, Jessica (daughter) grand pop and I help me pack up and help me get my car out of the sand. I yell for my mom and gave mom a kiss on her cheeks and I cannot forget what she said to me Vivie where are you going? I just cry. I know mom did not understand and I feel bad to this date for not helping mom out.

Large cop still there and as I pull out mom gave me this look of she lost. In addition, I just wanted to hold mom and tell mom I got you mom. However, that never happens. Therefore, I went to my son school to Deltona Elementary School and withdraw Andrew's out of school.(Allededly)

Before I went to Andrew school, I had an outbreak of crying I could not stop my crying it was as if I was drowning in my own tears. I BROKE DOWN! I was shaking and I could not control my tears. Let me ask my reader a question? Have you ever cry so hard that you though you world drown in your tears. When I did look in the mirror, my eye was red. By this time, I was only in Florida maybe four weeks.(Allegedly)

Therefore, I picked Andrew up and he had Idea something went down. I told Andrew that we were on our way back home. As kids ask, where are we going to stay? I could not answer that. I was just trying to make it today! I told Andrew I do not know. I was always truthful to my children’s. MOM ALWAYS SAID TO US THE TRUTH WOULD SET YOU FREE.

We were homeless for a couple days. I asked a friend if we can stay at their home for one month and I did. By this time, I was a hot mess and Andrew knew that I was not feeling good. Andrew would tell jokes to comfort me he would say mom I Love you. In addition, pick flowers and put it on my pillow every day. That put a smile on my face. As hard as it was for me. I am the adult that needs to take care of my family. Therefore, I went to work. In addition, it was so hard to pick up the pieces but I did. For my children sake. And I. Now I working and I save up some funds, and I can say I was blessed. In addition, By this time, I had to move to Motel 6 in Oceanside, CA. for about 2 weeks.

In addition, register my son in school again. Andrew was pleased to be back home in CA.

Now this time I was in our apartment, and my daughter (Jessica) came home We were a family again. I worked and I was getting my life back in order. I got a call from sister stating that mom was caught stealing from Winn Dixie (Fla). So I told my sister do something about it. Therefore, she called other sibling) and he went down to Florida. The drive is only one hour from GA. To Florida. Moreover,Sibling did. I was also contacted by an acquaintance at Winn Dixie (Fla). This person said that mom was stealing meats from the grocery store. By this time, I was informed by the acquaintance that since she knew me that she would not press charged on mom. I was thankful.(Alledegly)

By this time mom was asked to not come back to the store anymore. You have to understand it is only two grocery stores in Deltona Fla. Therefore, I complied over the phone what is going on with mom to the acquaintance. Mom would never steal. That is breaking God commandments. Mom loves the lord with all her heart and soul.(Allegedly)

By this time Sibling did something for mom, he came got mom and drive mom home to leave mom by herself again.(Allegedly)

My sister than called me back and informed me that we would in fact have to do something that things were getting out of control too fast. In addition, matters has taken for the worst. Mom has become increasingly unstable and had been spotted at her bank, at the post office, and walking all about town aimlessly and confused. Mom has ceased to trust anyone and would not drive her self.(Allegedly)

as she wished to walk everywhere. Which was strange enough without the added episodes she had been experiencing? By this time, my sister again stating that mom friend that mom's has been walking everywhere lost I was contacted. In addition, she gave mom rides home when she would see mom walking in the hot sun in Florida. I can say when I left mom she was eating every day and mom weight was 175.pounds.(Allegedly)

By this time, Sibling and his wife stepped in to care for my mom at the time and eventually moved mom back to their home in Savannah. Georgia, to live with them. Unfortunately, they also began to clear out mom's bank accounts for various expenses that had little if anything to do with mom care. (Allegedly)

The reason I say this is that I have documents that shows mom had a money market accounts in my daughter’s (Jessica) name, as she was a minor at the time the account was opened. I received another called from my sister stating that sibling and wife has taken my sister name off the accounts. However, my stupid sister signed her name off. Therefore, I ask her what that has to do with me! She could not answer.(Allegedly)

By this time things at the sibling home his wife was discombobulated, there were living the life (allegedly) wife quite her jobs, and sibling was a Truck driver. I believe long distance. Therefore, sibling did not know what went on with mom's care.

My sister informed me if I could help mom. This time I had to think because I was still hurt. My feeling was still damaged. However, this is Mom and I am mommy girl I would do everything in my power to help mom out and protect mom.(Allegedly)