By this time, School was out and I took a trip to GA to see mom. When I saw my mother, I was so hurt by what mom had on. Mom had on a dress that did not fit her. In addition, the top had holes in it. In addition, Mom hair was all over the place. In addition, Mom's did not look like mom. I was told that silbing and wife buy mom clothing from the lost and found store.

Mom lost so much weight she was down to 125 pounds. My heart melted when I saw my mom. I went in my rental car with sibling kids and my Son. In addition, Mom and I went to the store to buy clothing for mom. I took mom in the fitting room to find out mom was very thin. Mom was a size four all I saw was skin and bone. Therefore, I brought mom clothing, Sock. Adult diaper and ensure milk with my funds. I than went to the Red Inn around the corner from sibling house and got a Motel for four nights. By this time I took mom a bath and wash mom hair. I am a license cosmetology, and make-up artist. I feed mom. I know what mom likes to eat. Therefore, I did get mom all the food she loves. That is fruits. In addition, greens. I could not cook it because I was in a motel. I saw a lot of bruises on mom when I gave mom a shower.(Allegedly)

Now I was ask by the Receptionist (Red Roof ) at the front desk that I need to have an ID for my mother because mom is an adult. Therefore, I called sibling and I ask him do you have ID of Mom and he said yes come by and get it. I did I went to get mom Id. With mom in the car. In addition, Sibling kids. In addition, my Son.(Allegedly)

I did get the ID and I never look at it. I was just so happy to be with mom present. In addition, my nieces. I wanted Andrew to know his cousin. Therefore, I went to Roof Inn and gave the Receptionist mom ID card, she made a copy, and she looks at it and said it is expired. We cannot take an expired ID card. I explain to her that I was out of town and I will be here only for two day. In addition, please I do not have anything else. This was giving to me by my brother and his wife. She called her husband and he said ok. Therefore, I was so bless.(Allegedly)

Now I fed mom and the kids. Now I did mom's hair. In addition, put on new clothing that I have purchased. Then I gave mom her tea and five cracker with four cheese that had to be in pieces thats how mom liked her food. Mom was British from the West Indies. In mom tea, she likes it very heavy lemony and two teaspoons of sugar. Mom ate that and said to me you know me Huh! I said yes I do I have been making your tea for over 25 years.

I gave mom a big kiss and told her that I love her. In addition, I hugged mom, Mom did not talk too much but she did tell me that she signed lot of paper work by silbing wife and I talk to mom. I did ask mom how you like it at Silbing house. All moms said that woman is the devil! I ask what she means and she said that she was tried. I did notice when I gave mom a shower there was bruiser on mom. I did ask my niece’s and there just look at each other and said nothing. That told me that this FEMALE put handS on my mom. I will take care of that later.(Allegedly)

Forgot to mention I did have to get ID card for mom because I was told by the husband that we need to have ID. Therefore, I drove to Florida. I drove From Savannah Georgia. It only took 45 min of driving with four kids and two adults. In a small Kia.(Allegedly)

At this point my time was ending, and I had to go back home. However, I was thinking maybe I need to move closer to mom. As I packed the car up Mom did not want to go back to Silbing house. Mom could not explain but I know how to read mom. In addition, I was my mom mouthpieces. Therefore, Mark asked me if I wanted mom Teacup poodles and of course, I said yes. There were babies. Mom Love dogs.(Allegedly)

Therefore, I am back at Silbing house and Wife was on the couch. In addition, she said to my mom Hilda your food is on the table. It is lunchtime now. In addition, all I saw was oatmeal that had flies in it. In addition, I said to sibling wife this is my mom lunch. She said yes! No this female didn't. Wife finish ate a subway sandwich, And Sibling was eating oatmeal also. Then she told the kids that there had to go to their room in the hot garage. Please note nieces are from a previous marriage. You could feel the tension in the air. I ask sibling wife is there something I could cook for my mom. The reason why I said this because mom has a sensitive stomach. In addition, mom never had regular milk Mom drinks goat milk (Allegedly).

This female told me she better eat that oatmeal. In addition, I just looked at her and said I not Silbing Wife I said know your BOnk place. Before I beat the devil out of your Bonk Butt.(Allegedly)

By this time, Sibling was a little scared for Wife. Silbing told Wife to shut your mouth because my sister is crazy. This female invalid my space so I told her let us take care of this outside( Witch). She was scared and called the police and said that I have threaten her. Which in fact that was her only truth. I ask the Witch were did my mom get all these bruises on her. She could not answer me. I asked my stupid Sibling what happened to mom and he could not answer. Next thing I was ask to leave by an officer. That was very nice.( Allegedly.)

By this time, I went back to CA. and I had to make some big decision on mom welfare and mom health. I was troubled by all the bruises on mom body. I was uneasy. I saw the new Yukon that Sibling and Wife had; I did evaluate new appliance and furniture’s. That Sibling had in his home.(Allegedly)

Please understand I know that Silbing could not afford any of this. Because Sibling had just was discharged by the Military and he was working for Walmart and part time truck driver. Then Mom stepped in and he and wife use mom money to buy trucks for his business. THAT WAS MOMMY MONEY… HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF Sibling AND Wife?( Allegedly.)


By this time, I was thinking on moving to Shreveport, Louisiana. The dirty south! Therefore, I rented a home that was three bedrooms and one bath and it was on Vivian Street. The home that I rented was cute. In addition, I moved. By this time, my storage was in San Diego, and I was waiting on funds to be release so I could get my things that I had in Storage.

Now comes the hot mess now living in Shreveport. La. When I came home from work to find out that the house that I was living in was on fire. I lost everything that had meaning. Pictures of Mom and I and pictures of my children and friends, and family. In addition, I lost my furry kids, teacup poodles that was the last thing mom gave me. Therefore, I cherished everything mom gave me.

By this time, the fire truck was there already, and I do not know how I made it in the house. to get my babies furry puppies. It was a lot of smoke and I knew where they were. I went to get them, to find out I lost all of them. As I could feel the fire. I ran and tripped over the step that was at the back door. In addition, I damaged my right ligament permanently.