There is nothing more important than the importance of your name. Once tainted, it can affect how you are perceived and how you are treated. Without a good name, it is as thought you are a ghost. non existent.

I Adelaide v. Prescod was charge with several charges against me in 1997-July – 2004. At the time, I was a single parent. It is unfortunate that it was a sibling and his wife that reported me to the San Diego Fraud unit, my charged is Grand theft of a home it is called a (115a) of my mother's home in San Diego Calif. Mom purchased her home in 1997, and on file to this date 2016, at the Tax Assessor office in San Diego Calif. it is a SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY,On that house. I have helped Mom out with all Mom homes. (allegedly)

At this time, my mother’s mental faculties were failing in 2002. Mom would called me different hours of the night and day. Mom did not recalled my name at times. Mom could not recall my children names or any of her children's name. It was then when I called my older sister and informed her that something is wrong with mommy. SUGGEST that we need a family meeting. My older sister lives in New York. In addition, silbing lives in GA. Therefore, my sister suggests that I moved to Florida to see what was wrong with mom.(Allegedly)

Then the second week came by and boy was my work cut out for me. My son and I was sleeping and next thing I felt on the side of my head was a nice metal cold gun against my head and mom asking me how in the hell did I break into her house. My life pass me by. I then talk very slow and very soft to mom and said mom this is Vivie and you invited us in. this is your grandson Andrew.

Then mom than backed up and I asked mom if I could have the gun. In addition, mom said Hell No! Therefore, I had to think very quickly so I rose up very slowly and then reach for the gun. By this time mom gave me a struggle and I YELLED TO ANDREW GET OUT OF HERE AND GET DOWN. In addition, the gun went off at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Then I felt this sharp pain on my leg it was mom's German shepherd attacked me in defense of my mother as I pin to the floor at the time attempting to get the gun from mom.

The gun went off, but the bullet miss my son and quickly I emptied the clip. At this time, there was a knock on the front door. The police had arrived and mentioned that the neighbor called that they would hear the gunshot. I invited the police in to talk and he proceeded to take a statement after my mom had calm down. This time mom put German Shepard in another room by Mom.